More or Less.

More or Less.

I get asked occasionally how I became so dedicated to scripture study and/or coming unto my savior. 

The honest answer is.. it’s been an unseen-by-the-world miracle. The first steps of faith were really, intensely, hard. Getting to my scriptures felt awkward and cumbersome. Prayer felt stiff and meaningless. Sundays didn’t feel safe or worshipful. 


I kept walking. Kept learning. And kept listening. Some unseen power kept me going, strengthening my very large weaknesses, and offering peace in the fog. 

I wish I could give my-two-years-ago-self a hug and tell her: the more LIVING WATERS I filled my cup with, the less power the world would have. And the less pull it would have on my heart and mind. 

I’m very aware of a deep change constantly taking place within me. The more I consistently partake of God’s Word, the less hungry I am for the world. 

I can’t put my finger on when this transformation began, but it was something that started slow and has picked up pace in the last few months. 

I feel driven toward margin, quiet, simple, and finding joy in every condition. Driven to walk on seemingly impossible waters when called in trust. Driven to find peace through every circumstance. Compelled to harmonize my will with my Fathers. 

In 1 Nephi chapter 8, Lehi tells us about people pressing forward, holding to the iron rod, and even making it to the tree of life.  Some, even after tasting the tree of life, began to cast their eyes round about toward a great and spacious building filled with other people who really seemed to be "enjoying life"

As they looked around, they lost focus on what really mattered. And when they lost focus, shame crept in, destroying their peace, and wrecking their lives as they fully embraced the worlds enticings. 

(enticings: shame, envy, comparison, self doubt, anger, frustration, doubt, fear)

Feel familiar? 
It's not far off the mark for me, and I'm willing to bet for you too. The world is very loud. It offers a constant flow of entertainment and information that's addicting and enticing. AND the real kicker is it's not even all bad. Which adds to the confusion and blurry lines. 

How often do we fully partake of the blessings of worship on a Sunday, only to open an app and cast our eyes round about come Monday morning? 

(tell me I'm not alone!)

In the scriptures there are two different words used to described the followers' tree of life experience. Some tasted of the fruit, and some were actively partaking. 

Those who tasted, were pulled away by the world. 

Those who were partaking, were deeply committed and tethered to God, able to withstand the worlds pull and sparkle. 

(1 Nephi 8:23-33)

Are you tasting or are you actively partaking of God’s Word, prayer, and sabbath worship? 

I don’t know a lot of things, but I can promise you this:

The more living waters in your life, the less pull the world will have. 

It’s never ever too late to start walking toward Jesus.

You are never too far away from His love.

Today is as good as any to dig in to His Word and find Him and His promises. 



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