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I've decided to close the shop down for the time being. 

This is a scary yet amazing move for me right now. And while I went back and forth and prayed and listened and pro-d and con-d, the decision was easy in the end. 

 Because look, here’s the deal, while all is for the greater good and lovely and I know all the love & energy I’ve poured into you & this space & this community has been divine & just so humbling and great...

 Never ever believe that we have to be hustling for the greater good for our minutes in our days to MATTER. 

 I need you to hear me, because I’ve been on both sides and I promise you- sharing your heart encouraging thousands of people you love and rocking a baby in the middle of the night and studying your scriptures on your phone when you can and shouting your testimony from

the rooftops and whispering it to the people in your own home are ALL EQUAL in MATTER-NESS. 






I’m learning it doesn’t matter where your minutes are spent so long as they’re where God is directing you to spend them. 

 Hearing Him & following the paths He directs us is the KEY to life. Walking through the open doors and letting ones close behind us is hard, but when we surrender our will to His, the hard becomes easy. 

 Anyways, while I personally walk through this new open door for myself that may look smaller in the worlds perspective, it is small in the best way. There is smallness in surrender & it’s a beautiful thing. 

You matter. 

& you are LOVED. 




What does this mean for Courtney Casper Letters?! 

Don't worry, I will still be here. More details HERE. 

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