Sharing my heart about the art inside each of us is something that is outside of my comfort zone. BUT. it is something I can't not share.

Lettering and "heart stuff" go hand in hand for me! I can't separate the two. I wouldn't have ever uncovered art within my letters and words without cracking open my heart and facing what was there.

I believe that each of us have art in us. We were each created in the very image of an artist, God. I think as humans we have a need to create, but only view art as something that can be displayed, purchased, or applauded. and I just don't buy that. 

yes hand lettering is one form of art that I express myself with, but I've also found art in my relationships. in connections with strangers. I've found it in my motherhood, womanhood, and sisterhood. I have found art in how I love others, how I teach others, and even in how I treat and love myself. 

Life is busy. 

but. I think that God wants nothing more than for us to create art in our lives. to jump when we feel pushed. to walk in faith. to uncover what makes us come alive, and to explore that thing. to open our hearts. 

and if you're me, to open your hands. 


If you're planning or hosting a creative event, I'd love to share my heart and story with your people. 

To inquire on my schedule for 2017, please contact me via email. I'll get back to you asap. 

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