Everyone, meet Aubrey! 

Aubrey has been a long time internet friend and supporter of this corner of the world. Showing up at a local lettering workshop I held I was shocked to see her and meet her in person! I had no idea that she lived right in the nearest town to me! I immediately knew that we would become a team, I needed her, and am so thankful that she took me up on the offer. 

You are going to love Aubrey! She is helping me behind the scenes, answering order related questions, Wide Margin Book of Mormon printing questions, fulfilling orders and keeping things generally organized and running smoothly. Every email still comes through my personal inbox- so if you see a reply from Aubrey, I haven't been hacked, just being helped by my girl, who has truly been heaven sent! 

If you have any questions or concerns- please don't hesitate to contact us! I love to hear from you & connect with you, and Aubrey is as smart as they come with all the technical stuff, plus super nice too. :) 

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