Begintermediate Workbook Downloadable

Hand Lettering is everywhere these days! It adds an organic flair to just about anything from wedding envelopes to your kids student council poster ;)

I've taught hundreds of people to learn the art of hand lettering, and you can totally learn too!

To find over 200 reviews from one years on Etsy :)

This workbook and guide is all my hard earned tips, tricks, letter drills, and examples to help guide you, teach you, and inspire you!

You may have dabbled in some sort of calligrahy before, or never picked up a brush pen in your life. This workbook is great for levels varying from just starting out, to an early intermediate letterer. It's hard to put each person in a beginner OR intermediate group... which is how "Begintermediate" was born! Those lines are blurry, and now there's a guide to take you from the beginning, pushing you to create beautiful letter forms AND awesome letter connections and an early intermediate level! :)

Included in the workbook:
hand lettering terms and rules
warm up practice drills and why we do them
my simple hand lettering style of alphabet with specific instruction on how to draw each letter
practice drills to help you master your new pen, and my style of lettering
intro to letter connections
letter connection practice drill
intro to composition and how to improve yours!

To purchase in a kit spiral bound with a tombow fude pen + pencil go here

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