eCourse: Finding & Developing Your Own Style

As I dug in to find out what the "next step" is for you when learning the art of hand lettering.. I realized that the next step, is actually all the steps. 

Once you've learned the basics, you know the "rules", you know the technique, it's time to learn the things you can't quite put your finger on. I know, because I've been there! And not only have I been there, but I've helped, coached, and taught hundreds of other people just like us to approach their hand lettering skill from a whole new perspective. 

In this course, we're going to move away from letter drills, and move into a creative space that allows content, flourishing, composition, and finding and developing your OWN style, and make that happen in an organic way. 

This eCourse contains over 25 minutes of video content and demonstrations & over 35 pages of printable PDF practice pages, outline, info and more!

Course Curriculum:

  • Why Content Matters
  • Why Pen Choice Matters
  • How/Why Flourishing Matters 
  • How/Why Composition Matters
  • How/Why to bring all those aspects of our lettering together and settle in to our own personal style. 
  • Video Instruction Duration: 26 minutes
  • PDF Instructional Pages: 35 pages

In this 26 minute video, I pull back the curtain and take you through my creative processes. As I was filming, it felt sort of like a confession box. ha! My goal for this course is to ease the pressure and frustration that naturally comes with growing pains of learning to hand letter. :)


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