eCourse: Inspired Lettering

Lettering from an inspired place is something that has transformed my lettering from the inside out. 

If you're feeling burnt out, pulled in a million different directions, obsessed with empty "successes" like followers, likes, sales or just missing that "thing" that drew you to hand lettering in the first place, I get that.

because I've been there.

I want to encourage you to jump over the fence. To open the door of inspiration, and let it create the path that the rest of your lettering journey will follow. 

Course Curriculum:

  • What lettering inspired means
  • Why finding inspiration matters
  • How lettering inspired will transform your lettering (every aspect of it!)
  • Inspired Lettering exercise 
  • My story
  • Video Instruction Duration: 10 minutes
  • PDF Instructional Pages: 4 pages

This course includes a video course + a PDF printable of my Inspired Questions! 

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