Intervanced Guide to Handlettering Downloadable

So, you're getting the hang of this hand lettering thing, you've mastered the basics, and you're left wondering.. NOW WHAT?!
Are you struggling finding your own style?
Are you frustrated with composition?
How are your letter connections?
Are you wanting to display your art on Social Media and make it STAND OUT?
Are you ready to take your lettering to the next level?!

To see over 200 Etsy reviews! :)

This guide goes over all my knowledge about hand lettering beyond the basics that I've gained through trial, error and time! Including instructions for practice drills with examples how to do them, my top list of intermediate level tools, supplies and where to get them, tips and tricks on composition, finding your own style and letter connections. It also goes into my top tricks and tips to creating a beautiful Instagram page, and how to make your hand lettering stand out from the rest.

I find that we can't group people into categories of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Because then we miss how to actually get from one to the next! That is how "begintermediate" and "Intervanced" were born. :)

The Intervanced Guide to Hand Lettering workbook includes:


  • Letter drills
  • Connection practice
  • Composition Drills, tips + tricks
  • Flourishing
  • My favorite tools and where you can find them
  • Standing out on the Web.

I'm so excited to watch where this workbook takes you! :)

 Best used with a felt tipped brush pen & tracing paper. 

to purchase spiral bound and as a kit with a sailor brush pen + pencil, go here

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