Love Note Kit

Have you heard of The Love Note Project?! If not.. Go see what it's all about. :) 

If you know what the love note project is all about, you know that we're starting a movement. but not a flashy in your face kind of movement, a quiet one. one of love and kindness and reaching out in an anonymous way. 

we are sending anonymous love notes to strangers that need them. because they matter. and we all know someone who needs to be told they're loved! 

This Love Note Kit comes with everything you need to make and send 4 love notes. 

  • 4 blank cards
  • 4 white envelopes
  • 4 forever stamps
  • AND! one of my favorite lettering brush pens, the Sailor Fude in medium. 

make sure to peek at others also reaching out in small and simple ways to make a big difference in others lives by going to #ourlovenoteproject and @the.lovenoteproject

this project has changed my life. it has opened doors, hearts, and brought a simple but important reminder to mailboxes and people all over the world. 

but most of all, its changed my heart for the better. and i know It will do the same for you.


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