love notes | pack of 3 hand lettered cards

Hi there!
I'm a believer that a simple gesture can make a big difference in the life of someone who is struggling. I have sent hundreds of anonymous cards to strangers through a project called The Love Note Project! (look it up on Instagram to get the scoop!:) @the.lovenoteproject #ourlovenoteproject
We all need to be told that we are loved. We all need to feel known. Life is hard, no one gets to escape that.

So, anywayyyyys!
These cards are my favorite love note design. simple. truthful. meaningful.

This listing is for three cards, sent to you in a stay flat envelope. Each card is handmade. As you can see they each vary slightly, but the design and message is the same.
Please add if you'd like black and white or colored or a mix of both in "Notes to Seller".

you are loved. so so much.

Thanks for taking the time to take a peek at these, they're extra special to me.
and you can be sure that the proceeds from your purchase will go to sending more anonymous love notes around the world! :)

to purchase a "make your own" love note kit, go here

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