Hi! I'm Courtney.


and I love letters + words.

I am the Hand Letterer behind Courtney Casper Letters and what I love just as much as creating my own letters and words is teaching you how to find art within your own lettering while strengthening our faith. 

If you know me (or have been around here long enough) you know that I just can't separate all of this. it's all art, it's faith, its light in the dark. it's me and you showing up and being real. it's vulnerable and messy and inked words we need. it's anonymous love notes to strangers and give back projects I never imagined would make such a mark. it's community. it's collaboration. it's physical reminders of who we are, and what we believe. This space is me. all the things I love, all the things I long to be more of. a teacher. a letterer. a mom. a friend. a wife. a stranger. a believer. 

I want to teach you, inspire you, help you, and create with you! I've taught hundreds of people the art of hand lettering, and whether you learn better with a physical workbook in your hands, in a workshop setting, through faith based study, or in a more interactive way through eCourse videos, I am trying to reach you. Connect with you. Commune with you. and of course... letter with you. 

I need physical reminders around me, pointing me towards light. Whether that's words hung on my wall, or screen savors for my phone, or a necklace around my neck. having those physical reminders keep me safe, keep me happy, and keep me in the light. I want to share some of those physical reminders with you.. because I'm learning that you and I? we're more alike than we know. 

I am a person. Not a machine. I love to teach, encourage, and connect. If you have any questions or want to chat, don't hesitate to contact me! You can reach me through the site, gmail, or through Instagram (@courtneycasper.letters)

happy lettering & may we both walk in faith and trust in god.