2018 Advent: women in the Bible

This years Advent Study focuses on ten different women in the Bible and how through Christ, our story's are connected.

Non-denominational with daily and weekly interaction with God's Word, we hope to encourage you on your own personal walk toward Jesus through this season. 

Advent 2018

Find, Companion guides

"I'm seeing The Book of Mormon with fresh eyes for the first time in a long time. Worth every cent." Ashley B. 

"I haven't felt this dedicated to Scripture study since seminary, Courtney's thoughts and questions have a way of sparking my own inspiration. These were SO needed." --Sarah W.

"I've tried all the trendy study guides, and these are something different. Engaging and beautiful! I love them & gift them for all my sisters birthdays!" Maddie R. 


the perfect gift

Giving the gift of personal and spiritual growth is truly a gift that will keep on giving all year long. Digital and instant- this is the perfect gift. For questions feel free to reach out! 


Kids Finding Truth

This fun, interactive, and engaging art journal mixes scripture study with art! Created with my own 9 year old, we wanted to encourage HER people to. :)

Appropriate for ages 8-12, gender neutral. 

Find Truth: kids

she that diligently seeks, shall find. (together!)

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