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Wide Margin LDS General Conference October 2018

Free, print yourself, PDF of all the most recent General Conference talks with WIDE MARGINS! :)

Wide Margin LDS General Conference Oct. 2018

" I haven't wanted to study the book of mormon like this in years. If you're on the fence about these study guides, thinking they're going to be just like all the rest, I'm here to tell you they are not. they're fresh and beautiful and worth it."


"Courtney's questions are thought provoking and I have really come to love taking a verse at a time--really thinking out and writing about what it means to me. Right here. Right now. I highly recommend!"


"These Study Guides have been a much needed spiritual game changer"


"I have found the guide to be a good starting point, but have been amazed that the things I have pondered have been completely individual for me and totally from the Spirt. I’m excited to keep going and so grateful for Courtney’s efforts to put it together."


"Gorgeous from cover to cover! Worth every cent."



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"My husband and I are absolutely loving your Volume One Find Study Guide! The insights and thoughts you share are heart warming and spiritually boosting." 


"Courtney's gift with words and courage to bear her heart with such honesty expresses how I feel but can't put into words. I needed these study guides more than I knew. They're beautiful from start to finish and their depth was more than I expected."

Sarah M.

"So thankful I found Courtney and these guides. They're changing my perspective on the Gospel, and pointing me to God in a way I haven't experienced in years."


"I want to tell everyone I know about these study guides. Fresh, beautiful, and truly inspired. Don't hesitate, they're worth every penny."


Finding Truth: Kids Study & Art Journal

BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! THROUGH THE WEEKEND! Teaching our kids to FIND TRUTH in a world that blurs the lines and sneaks and lies. Our awesome kids need to know who they are and who God is, so they can build foundations of trust and faith to stay on the path toward happiness! Designed for kids ages 8-11, gender neutral.

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Kids Study & Art Journal: Find TRUTH

The Wide Margin Book of Mormon

wide margin book of mormon printed & bound

"The Love Note Project"

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Hearts Knit Together

Many of us long for that small group style spiritual conversation, sharing, listening, and learning, hearts knit together in purpose and unity. It's something we may have felt as a youth while in Seminary or perhaps in a book club or bible study group. 

Not all seasons of life allow for such physical gathering, but through the inspired tools I've created and will continue to create my prayer is that we can link arms in our desire to dig our roots deep in faith. 

Think of these guides, journals, and other resources as a study session with a friend. Asking questions, sharing insights, beckoning you to do the same. Sparking that old magic we felt in seasons passed  to engage in the wrestle with our own faith  come unto Jesus Christ.