Are you stuck in the “check the boxes” lull in your spiritual life? Does it all slip your mind more days than you like to admit? Do you feel like “what’s the point?” When it comes to your spirituality? 

I’ve been there. 

Creating a SUSTAINABLE SPIRITUALITY has been my mission the last nearly 10 years in my personal life, my creative pursuits, my letters, words, thoughts, emails, and all of it in-between. I am helping women create a spiritual foundation within the LDS framework that will sustain any circumstance or season of life. 

I’m here for you!

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You have the workout app, you have the scripture study books, you serve in your ward & community, you are DOING all the things... but what about your BEING? Schedule a free 30 minute consult session with me today to talk through where you are now in your spiritual life & where you want to be! We will create a way toward healing, self compassion, deeper connection with your Heavenly Parents, Savior, your own spirit, and the people around you. Spots are limited. I want to be your mentor, confidant & friend. There's healing for you here.

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Looking for all the wide margin things?! Wide Margin Old Testament?Journals? Notebooks? Look no further!


I'm here for you.

I know what it feels like to feel stuck. I know what it feels like to have a complicated relationship with God, The Spirit, and having to reconcile why life seems unbearably unfair at times. I know what grief is. I know what joy is. I know what how to unpack the stale spiritual life that is unfulfilling & breathe new life into your spiritual practices within the same faith you've always known & loved.

I know how to help support you. To see you. To reflect God's love for you. I know how to choose to stay: it's through creating the sustainable spirituality you seek!

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