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A new conversation every week talking all things spirituaity, momentum, life, and choosing yes to God, no matter what.

  • Wide Margin April 2022 LDS Conf Printed & Bound

    Overwhelmed with the idea of printing & binding all 131 pages of this study resource? Order PRINTED & BOUND!

  • PDF: Instant Download

    Looking for a digital PDF version of April 2022 Wide Margin LDS conf study resource? go HERE! :)

Daily Reminders:

This month's Affirmation Card Release was hand lettered in ink, digitized, and printed on fine art paper 5"x5".

These words are the physical reminders of TRUTH we need around us, grounding our hearts in times of turmoil. Perfect for your a child in your life, your spouse, a ministering sister, friend, and of course, for YOU!

While supplies last!