finding sabbath 2019

Reconnect with God, yourself, and the people around you each week as you FIND SABBATH through intentional reflection & worship. You will love this Sabbath Journal!

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"I'm seeing The Book of Mormon with fresh eyes for the first time in a long time. Worth every cent." Ashley B. 

"I haven't felt this dedicated to Scripture study since seminary, Courtney's thoughts and questions have a way of sparking my own inspiration. These were SO needed." --Sarah W.

"I've tried all the trendy study guides, and these are something different. Engaging and beautiful! I love them & gift them for all my sisters birthdays!" Maddie R. 


2019 Monthly Art Membership

Every month receive a curated bundle of encouraging prints, with hopes that by placing physical reminders of TRUTH around, you will be continually turned toward LIGHT. 

Makes a meaningful gift! 

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Monthly Art Membership

Kids Finding Truth

This fun, interactive, and engaging art journal mixes scripture study with art! Created with my own 9 year old, we wanted to encourage HER people to. :)

Appropriate for ages 8-12, gender neutral. 

Find Truth: kids

she that diligently seeks, shall find. (together!)

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