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small & simple matters

Hi, I'm Courtney

As an artist, I have never found a greater piece of art than within the walls of my own mind, body, and soul. I am delighted and intrigued by the complexities of all three & the interwoven connectedenss each have on the other.

There is a holy order in all things, our well-being no exception.

I believe there is a tailor made path for each of us. This path is laced with the entire spectrum of this physcial exsistence. Equal & opposites in every way.

A joy matched to your sorrow. A peace equal to your worry. A balance from within to hold to no matter what is going on around you.

Creating rhythms, practices, and a way of showing up in your world is the sacred work of becoming more of who God knows you are. This is your most important work.

Take my hand.

You are known.
You are heard.

You are LOVED.

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