Collaborations [Looking For]

For upcoming Study's I am currently looking for the following, if you are interested, please email me with the subject line indicating which item you are interested in! Thank you in advance for your consideration! 

+ Seasonal Recipes / Tried and true Recipe, instructional information, and possibly photos of finished product. No graphic design knowledge needed. Just an amazingly tasty recipe that is easy, without ingredients you can't find at the grocery store, that is pretty too. :) [too much to ask?!]

+ Personal stories of how you are FINDING through your interaction and study with The Book of Mormon / Can include your use of the Study Guides, or not. I'm just looking for cracked open hearts and testimony with zero side of perfection. :) 


If you are interested in collaborating or becoming an affiliate, please send an email to with the subject "collaborate!" 

Looking for honest opinions and great photos of you using your Find Guides in your personal Book of Mormon study.