How do I know if my package has shipped?

Every order will receive a tracking number for your package emailed to you as soon as it ships! Allow 24-48 hours after receiving your tracking number to update on USPS's website. If there are any issues with your package in shipping, please contact us right away! courtneycasper.letters@gmail.com

Can I add something to my order after I've already placed an order?

Unfortunately, we cannot add something to your order manually. Contact us and we'll let you know the best way to ensure your orders are shipped together! 

I need to change my shipping address, quick! How can I do that??

No problem! Just email us at Courtneycasper.letters@gmail.com and Aubrey will get that taken care of for you. IF YOUR ORDER HAS ALREADY SHIPPED, we cannot alter your order- however we will work with you to get it to you! 

I've changed my mind, can I return/get a refund for my order?

No problem! For a return, please safely ship back the UNUSED products after contacting us with your issue. Once received we will offer a full return. If your order has not shipped yet, we offer full refunds on a case by case basis. Shoot us an email! We will work to make you happy! :)


What's the difference between Find Volume One & Find Volume Two?

Volume one goes through 1st Nephi through the first half of Alma. Volume two is the second half of Alma through Moroni. Each guide follows a similar format and feel. 

What do YOU prefer? Perfect bound or wire bound?!

I truly love them BOTH. I've been using a perfect bound for about a year now, but will probably eventually switch to a coil bound one just for writing ease. However I use a special glue for the perfect binding to allow it to lay extra flat! ;) 

What ages do you recommend for the Kids Study & Art Journal?

Each Kids Guide comes with a "grown-up guide" to accompany your child's study. This is to widen the age usability. I recommend 8-11! It is also gender neutral and the perfect mix of art and study. 

Do you offer guides as a digital download?

At this time they are only available as a printed and bound version. They are full color and over 150 pages each, making them not so cheap to print, especially if you were only printing one! They're meant to be written in, a digital download wouldn't translate the same. 

Do you ever offer sales on study guides?

Not often! I try and keep my prices as low as I possibly can to ensure that you're always getting the best price. However around the holidays I will run a small sale. ;)


Will you ever print and ship them again?

Not at this time! They are cumbersome to store and ship, and for now I'm pretty maxed out to what I can do. HOWEVER! To order from Alphagraphics in Lehi, Utah printed, bound, and even shipped if you need go HERE. 

What happened to the pdf download? 

Unfortunately, because the file has since been taken, altered, and attempted to be redistributed, I am looking into ways to more securely offer it. For now, to get one head to the site linked above or call up Alphagraphics in Lehi, Utah. They offer a top quality product at a very affordable price!


If I have the file and am looking to print, what print specs do you recommend?

  • 50-60lb TEXT paper
  • Cardstock cover
  • Spiral bound -- if your printer tells you it "can't be bound into one book", this is most likely because they don't have the correct size coil in stock. IT IS POSSIBLE ;)

I lost my PDF, can you resend me the attachment?

If you haven't exceeded your 5 downloads, YES! If so, I'm sorry, my backend doesn't allow me to. 

THANKS FOR BEING HERE! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have! courtneycasper.letters@gmail.com