What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Is this for me if I'm struggling spiritually?

Yes. I am a safe place to sort through the heavier side of spirituality. No judgment. No pressure. AND, you can know that I am staying. I hold prayerful space for you as you fight for faith. 

Are you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

Yes I am, and while I've wrestled with parts of the religion and framework, I've ultimately decidedI am staying. This is the vehicle I know God wants me in to come closer to Heaven. Gainingclarityaround this decision has changed me from the inside out. I want thatfreedomfor you!


What is the program?

4 Weeksof Virtual Coaching & Mentoring. Creatingpersonalized spiritual patterns.Real-timetroubleshooting& accountability.During the 4 weeks, I am your person! We touch base via email in-between sessions.I'm here for you!

Where can I register?

I open my calendar each month. If you're ready to jump in with me, you can goHERE. If you'd like a free consult call, I'm happy to talk! GoHERE.

How else can I learn from you?

I share all my goodness over on theBLOG, through my weeklyNEWSLETTER, the PODCAST, and over onINSTAGRAM!