Herbs & Supplements

Favorite Herbs & Supplements:

Andrographis:  my go-to herb in my everyday winter stack! So many incredible studied benefits! You can read more here.


Vitamin C: High absorption, antioxidant, immune support & more! 


Multi-Vitamin:    This is my FAVORITE supplement if i had to choose just one. 2000IU of vitamin D, CoQ10, Lutein, highly absorbable A, B, C, D & E vitamins & essential minerals. If you're going to choose one, this is it! 


Phosphatidylserine:  Used as a cortisol blocker, this is my go-to helper when i'm feeling extra stressed or "wired & tired". A natural phospholipid derived from sunflower lecithin. This natural phospholipid helps maintain function of brain and nerve cell membranes and activates neurotransmitters involved in learning and memory functions.


Ashwagandha: As an adaptogen herb, this powerful supplement is meant to rebalance many different areas in the body that are out of sync. Read more about it here