The Book of Mormon Project.

 The Wide Margin Book of Mormon NOW AVAILABLE! 

Finally! ;)


 This project is a combination of a collaborative effort to create a beautiful Wide Margin Edition of the entire Book of Mormon and my own efforts to curate an engaging line of Companion Guides to help you recommit to 10 minutes a day, every day, in The Book of Mormon.


I believe that all we need are those 10 minutes of intentional, set aside, and consecrated time with the word of God in our hands. I am convicned that The Book of Mormon is for you and me. That we can, as promised, FIND what we need, to guide us through our own individual feet on the gound lives. Wading through the mess, the uphill mountain climbs, the foggy roads of uknown, and the loud storm tossed seas.

Print Guidelines: 

+ take PDF to LOCAL print shop (not a big box store like staples!)

+ print on 60-70 LB paper

+ cover on 100LB paper 

+ printing 5+ copies at once will help keep the cost down! 

Recommended Printers:

Minute Man Press, Kennewick WA

Utah location, coming soon!