The Love Note Project

Love Notes are anonymous cards sent to your people. from you & me. 

 A portion of every purchase here at Courtney Casper Letters goes towards The Love Note Project!

The project was born because I desperately wanted, no, needed to connect with my little brother who was battling stage 4 melanoma. I lived states away and had a new baby so I couldn't travel and be there for him and my family much, and I knew a conversation on the phone would be awkward and not his jam. a text seemed too... impersonal and forgettable. I needed a way to tell him I loved him & was thinking about him. 

I had an idea to send him a love note.

so. I went to hobby lobby, bought a pack of blank white cards, and with my baby skill of hand lettering I lettered some love notes to him, and sent them in the mail. 

it was very healing for me to make these silly, simple cards. And it connected us in a way that wouldn't have been possible any other way. 

a few weeks in, I was up at 3am and I had this idea that I couldn't shake. if I feel this way, if I have someone on my mind, but am not sure how to reach out, how to connect, how to tell them "they're loved"... I bet someone else does too. 

so. with 100 followers of my family and friends on Instagram I set up a gmail account and told them that I would send their person an anonymous love note. 

and they haven't stopped.

it started as one card a week. now it's a few cards every day. the submissions that come in are strangers all over the world. They are people, just like you and me. they are struggling with depression, anxiety, disorders. they lost their job. they haven't spoken in years. they have heartbreak over the loss of a child, a life threatening illness. they are struggling with post-partum depression. they need a hug. they need to be told they're loved.

and so.. together we do just that. you submit a name, address, and some brief words about this person, and I send them a love note. 

its free.

it's real.

and it's a simple thing, making a big difference. 

to submit someone today, just click on the little tab at the bottom of your screen! (gray, either envelope OR "love notes" tab)


You can purchase a 3 pack of love notes to send on your own!