Workshops & Speaking

 One of the very favorite parts of my life is gathering among a group of women, putting a pretty workbook in front of them, a fancy brush pen in their hands, and curating a few hours where we all connect to ourselves, each other, and God. 

I wholeheartedly believe that we were each created to create. Lettering has opened the door to art in my life and filled in empty spaces I didn't even know were there. One of my sweetest joy's is to open that door for others.

Over the years, working with hundreds of other women, I have learned that it's less about the technical skill of hand lettering that seems to resonate so deeply, but the actual space and time and words that are lettered. The quiet in which we sit, reflect, the words that come into our hearts and minds that make their way onto paper in ink... there is power in opening the door to inspiration. Sometimes that door is letters created by hand. Imperfect and individual, words personal and powerful. 

Inspired Lettering Workshops are part gathering, part lettering, part seeking, and part dessert-ing. because.. dessert! 

They are my whole heart as an offering extended to the women who show up. They teach me. I teach them. We leave with hugs and phone numbers exchanged. Because we need each other, we need art, and we need God. 

If you would like to inquire about an Inspired Lettering Workshop, you can send me an email at