Happy things for your SUMMER.

Happy things for your SUMMER.


I don't know about you, but it has sort of felt like we've been in summer for months, and yet, it never really got the big kick off it usually gets and so I've been finding myself in this weird out of sorts season. 

What month is it again?!

At any rate, last summer I decided my family needed routine, even in the midst of my spontaneous heart. Routine for my kids. Routine for me. 

I am happy to report, that those routines STUCK! & while they've morphed and changed a bit from then until now, the basis of them hasn't left us and I am so THANKFUL. 

Here is the last years HAPPY STARTS that I collaborated with one of my friends Lisa at LDZ Studios. (go check her out!). Its a free download, checklist for your kids every day. 

THIS summer, I really want to keep my kids reading. We've stopped all the formal homeschool (more on this later) but they are enjoying reading for maybe the first time ever and I'm determined to keep it going, school or no school! 

After searching the Internet for exactly what I wanted/needed, I just couldn't find it. I needed very low work from mom (ha), self motivated, self led, and incentivizing for them as they finish x amount of books. 



You can DOWNLOAD for free HERE. 

I decided to print ours from home, three hole punch it, and put it into a folder with prongs. Easy, quick, and we can add more pages if they need! 

Anyways, I love making things for my kids and for yours, I hope this brings some happy into your summer! :) 




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