April 2018 General Conference Talks PDF with added margin!

April 2018 General Conference Talks PDF with added margin!


UPDATED File Now available. (Thank you Aubrey!) Enjoy!


Hey guys!

I know that you felt the same thing I did on Sunday afternoon after the closing hymn of General Conference... you couldn't wait to get your hands on each inspired message and unearth even more truth and power from their words. 

 side note // I LOVED (and so did you!) my simple conference notebook! I'm excited to go through the talks with the inspiration that came to me while listening and even further my faith and trust in God. I'll have more available come October, I promise!

Anyways, I thought, you know what I need? Each talk printed on regular paper with some wider margins spiral bound so that I can mark them up and keep it around for when I need light in my life. (or asked to speak in sacrament meeting ha) 

SO! I went to LDS.org, downloaded EVERY SINGLE TALK from April's 2018 General Conference into ONE 147 page PDF so that we can print them out & spiral bind them together! 

I even went so far (because I couldn't help it) as to create two different styles of covers, if you'd like one! One is hand lettered, the other is a more contemporary take on the same words. 

I hope this little labor of love serves you well. 

(I'm going to be gifting to the sisters I Minister to!) 




I do not have a license to any conference talks, and am offering this within the boundaries of Intellectual Properties solely to spread the Gospel and use myself. As explained in their rules and regs, FOR PERSONAL NONCOMMERCIAL USE only. :) 



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I love this idea! Are you planning on doing this for the Oct session? Thank you!

Elizabeth Little

A great service to others and to the Lord. May the Lord bless you.

Benson. Ariembo

Wow, thank you so much… I was just about to do this very same thing then felt prompted to see if perhaps it might already be available somewhere online…. what a blessing!


Where do you print this? Staples is quoting me $72! I’d love cheap printing ideas!


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