Black Friday (week!) 2017 Deals | T H A N K Y O U

Black Friday (week!) 2017 Deals | T H A N K Y O U



Here's the deal. (no pun intended). 

2017 has been hands down, woah. I never ever in a million years imagined that we'd link arms in a million real and meaningful way through the internet. 

I am trying to form a thought about 2018 that fits and makes sense and feels right, and I'll be honest, that unknown is making me ten shades of crazy. 

so, in the meantime, I thought it'd be so fun to do a week of THANK YOU'S! I wish I could send you each a personal thank you card for all the love, the support, the unending virtual hugs and high fives. It's been surreal, and I hope that in some way something here has done the same for you. 

Every day through the week of 11/20-11/27 will be a new fun surprise from me to you. Some will be on Instagram, some on Facebook, some only available to my email peeps exclusively!

Here are some sneak peeks!

  • Last chance to get all of my Hand Lettering Workbooks & kits! This week ONLY
  • Never before shared or produced digital prints straight from the giant stack on my desk of heart-on-my-sleeve hand lettering art, available through this week ONLY.
  • Deals, Sales, GIVEAWAYS, and freebies

Basically- as we wrap up this year, I am walking a new road and I'm still right in the thick of waiting on God to unfold His will in my life. There are a few big and exciting things ahead for me and you and the community we've created, but I'm not sure what medium they will be. But for today, I want to thank you in the only way I know how- letters and words. :) 

I am just a girl, who is (I'm tearing up now) so, SO, thankful for 2017. And a huge part of the reality that I can be here, whole and fulfilled and happy, is because of you, and this thing we've built. Friendships and encouragement and art and God. 

you are LOVED.




Check you inbox this weekend for more details and sneak peeks, as well as around the site there are lots of "coming soon" items already added just waiting to be marked down! :) 

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