Happy Day!

Happy Day!

Through our study of Gratitude this month (using the Find Study Guides) I have come to a decision:

Gratitude is a magic wand.

It opens the door to experiencing life, and still being okay. No matter the circumstances.

It allow us to smile through the hard moments.

It creates focus on the good letting the rest blur in the background.

It connects us to god, ourselves, and others in meaningful and intentional ways.

It pushes us towards light and forgiveness.

It facilitates faith and trust in ways that change us and morph us into our best selves.

I hope that we each take a minute or two today and every day to take inventory of our lives, to find and see God’s hand in our lives, no matter what.

Thank Y O U for your love and support and encouragement through the last few years, I have loved learning your names and your stories and your hearts.


You are L O V E D.

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