Light & Assurance (free print)

Light & Assurance (free print)

You already know how words have a way of tugging at my heart and opening my eyes to truth. 

While I was doing my morning study of THIS message, I was just barley seeing the light through my own personal waiting and asking and seeking through the seemingly silent heavens. 

Often I have found myself wondering, what is the Spirit even supposed to feel like in this situation? What will He sound like with this question? How will I know it's Him here? 

When I read these words from Henry B Eyring, it was like I had finally found the last puzzle piece that was hiding the whole time. 

"Rarely I have felt it (the Spirit) as the travelers on the road to Emmaus did-- as a soft but unmistakable bruning in the heart. More often it is a feeling of LIGHT and quiet ASSURANCE."

Perhaps you needed this encouragment & reminder today that the Holy Ghost, our constant companion and comforter and guide, may at times make Himself known in an unmistakable burning, clear words, or thoughts. But more often than not, He will gently guide us through LIGHT & QUIET ASSURANCE. 

I was able to recognize the Spirit that had been there all along, even through this waiting season that has been uncomfortable and even agonizing at times. I can see light breaking through the questions. Assurance queitly offered in regular moments on regular days. 

This truth offers me a massive amount of peace about the questions of my heart, the guidance I have wondered about, and the prayers prayed. I think there's always been a tiny little crack in my faith about Holy Ghost "answers". 

No more. 

Because if His LIGHT & ASSURANCE is there, so is He. 

And for some reason, that is life giving on this blustery Wednesday morning. 

Maybe you too needed the encouragement and reminder that YOU are LOVED, seen, heard, and known. 

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