Protect Your Peace


I’ll admit, it’s sometimes difficult for me to step into role as mentor, educator, teacher, person-writing-weekly-emails-to-thousands-of-women.

Because just like with most things, there is nuance here.

I hope you always know that I'm in the thick of life right alongside you. Working on things, worried about things, and asking God to direct me in the many unknowns. 

I had a session with my mentor this week where she had to remind me of the very things I’m about to remind you about. And this is the beauty of humanity. We need each other. And the one we need also needs someone and on and on.

And we all need God.

We see in the scriptures that when someone or a people are brought low they have the incredible opportunity to find a new awakening. Perhaps it’s our softness or neediness or willingness in those moments that open the door to honest transformation.

Either way for us to hold our ground in peace, it’s going to take effort, mindfulness, and follow through.

Alma 4:8 “…the people of the church been to be lifted up in the pride of their EYES…”

What we SEE matters. It matters a lot. I’ve had to be brutally honest with myself on this one lately in order to find the inner peace I so desperately seek.

Where are your actual eyes focused? What times of the day do you feel the most out of sorts? Where are your eyes during that time or before that time?

I looked at my “screen time” and the proof was there without me having to do any digging.

It was clear, if I were my child, I would create boundaries around phone usage immediately. No questions asked. If i were one of my friends, I would beg them to set some boundaries around phone usage telling them how much lighter life will feel.

As women, we are so well equipped to protect, love, guide, support others and we so often don’t do that for ourselves. We forget to get our own backs.

I’m learning how important it is find that sense of protection for our own wellbeing, happiness, peace, and clarity.

If you were a bank account, where are you? Are you overdrawn? Down to the last dollars?

The habits and rhythms that are unsupportive to our wellbeing are “cha-ching!” Debits from our peace, clarity, and happiness.

We’re taught to be good stewards of our finances, and I want to offer we practice the same mindfulness with our emotional and mental wellbeing.

What are we ADDING to our bank account??

What adds value through supportive actions to our bank account?

What is draining it?

Do we have a bunch of $10 subscriptions that are doing us absolutely no good slowly and stealthily draining our account?

Is there a huge debit every morning as we groggily reach for our phones before we even blink 8 times?

Are our minds racing into nights of tossing and turning after one last look at the spiraling in the world?

I bet you had some initial responses in your mind just reading this.

I want to encourage you to actually get out a journal & take some time with God with these questions. Write, listen. Write, listen.

I promise, Heaven is invested in your wellbeing. Perhaps the circumstances aren’t going to change, but your experience of the circumstances can be different than what they are now.

  • What has the focus of your eyes most?
  • Where is your heart focused?
  • Where is your mind focused?

This matters for you.

It matters for your connection to God.

It matters for your connection to yourself.

It matters for your connection to the people around you.

Protect your peace.

Focus your eyes.

Manage your emotional & mental & spiritual bank.

God will help you!

you are loved!


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