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I was able to attend an event in Utah Friday night and all day yesterday. I got to host another Inspired Lettering Workshop, and sit and listen to others share their own gifts Saturday. 

Here’s what I want to tell you today. 

Every Season in our lives, belong to Him. 

These words kept coming to my heart as I wrapped up such a powerful workshop on Friday night. And again throughout the day on Saturday. 

Here’s what they’re saying to me: every season. Hard seasons. Ones of plenty. Seasons of doubt. Seasons of joy. Seasons filled with purpose and impact. Quiet seasons that are still and gray. 

I don’t know what your season looks like and feels like today, but I can tell you that it belongs to God just the same. 

Just as the leaves are turning and I’m pulling out my knee length puffy coat, the crisp air in my lungs reminding me that summer is now over and soon comes winter- All Seasons Belong to Him. 

I fear the movement of time. I fear the next season. Especially in seasons of joy and ease and impact.. just as we cannot stop the green from changing to yellow, we cannot stop the passing of time, and seasons in our lives. 

It just happens. 

And I think I needed reminded that change can’t be outran, outsourced, avoided, or halted. There is no growth there. So, as I watch the seasons change around me, I can know with a surety just as Sariah did in The Book of Mormon, that all Seasons Belong to Him who created us, loves us, and holds us close. 

Maybe you need to be reminded of that truth as well. Maybe you need to hold on until the cold winter season in your life gives way to spring and new life. Maybe you need to stop white knuckling this current season of ease and allow green to transition to yellow and orange.

There is beauty to be found in every season, if we can open our hearts to God within them. 

Remember, you are LOVED, through it all. 

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Kristen Anderson
Kristen Anderson

January 14, 2018

What I so admire about you, and what I hope to do more of for myself, is that you often make yourself uncomfortable by your thoughts and where your mind goes. I can see it play out in so many of these articles. What’s more is that you don’t stay away from those difficult questions that need to be asked. I love that your thoughtfulness looks like a Q & A with yourself, and with God, and those sessions so often end with a challenge. Do something. Move something. Feel something. It’s so full of the guidance of the Spirit.

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