Winter Rituals: Candle Making

Winter Rituals: Candle Making


I love candles. I love light. 

During the darker winter months I crave light. Candles have become a way to bring that light into my days. 


These are the months I practice a Sabbath Candle.

These are the months of warm tea every night.

The months of digging into books that have been on my shelf all year. 

The months of more sleep and less busy. 

The months of Narnia reading with kids and twinkly lights. 

These are the months of candles. 


The Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world while their winters are lived in 17+ hours of darkness every 24. That's a lot of dark hours. But they live by the art of cozy, something I've been adding into my own winter rituals! In Danish, candles are called levende lys which literally means “living light”. 


Making candles is one of my favorite things to do during these months. There's just something special about pulling out the living light you poured yourself! 

I will buy candles, burn them down, and then refill them. Or use little jars, glass vases, pretty much anything can become your new candle. 


As promised over on instagram here's a quick list of my candle making supplies. You could use essential oils, i prefer mine to not be scented, so i can burn multiple at a time and not have any overpowering smells! 


WAX- Oganic soy wax (10lbs will last you many winters!)

Three sizes of wicks - I love this little pack. everything you need!

Wax Pouring Pitcher- This is the one I have. Works like a charm ;)


I'd love to see your candles this winter as you welcome more light into these darker months. 

You are loved!

Happy Wintering!




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