The Book of Mormon Project


A year ago, I was desperate for change in my life. I had already tried all the kinds of change I knew well. New planners and meal plans, sticker charts and exercise goals. I listed out my to-do's and even hired a house cleaner. I was stuck in a habit of resistance to my brokenness and covering every crack with a superficial action to "change". I wore around a blindfold and a fake smile, sure that if I could look on the outside like I was changed and great and happy, magically my insides would follow suite. 

I was wrong. 

One early morning as I got my head around my filled-to-the-brim day, I caught a glimpse of my old set of scriptures sitting on my nightstand. I couldn't remember the last time I picked them up. I shrugged off that tightness in my chest and laced up my running shoes. 

The next morning, my eyes were again drawn to that set of scriptures tucked between two self help books I'd started and never finished. 

And I again managed to outrun the pangs of hunger for it's pages. 

I didn't have time. 

I didn't need them.

I was fine, after all. Totally fine. I was changing on my own. 

A week later, an Instagram friend shared a wide margin version of the Book of Mormon and the hunger pains turned into frenzy within my heart. The pull was so strong towards this idea that formed in my head without even thinking it, I couldn't resist it any longer. 

A sacred experience created a new project I was passionate about without understanding how or why. A wide margin Book of Mormon with a pretty cover and artwork throughout, from women of faith, that had changed our lives. 

This was a long shot, at best. For one, I wasn't sure this book HAD changed my life. And two, I knew nothing about PDF's or margins or adding artwork to said wide margin book, let alone what was even allowed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Intellectual Properties. Copyright issues were at the top of my list as to why this was a crazy idea.  

But, the fire had ignited, and I felt a change take place inside me that quenched a thirst I didn't even know was there. I started reaching out to other artists, pleading with them to jump into a massive unknown thing that I couldn't even really explain yet, and miraculously some said yes and with their yes's, I went through the long process of working with the church. 

That's the beginning. A broken girl, yearning for change in places unseen, following a call towards a road as seemingly impossible as walking through the Red Sea.

But that road wasn't curating this project. The road me, returning to my faith I'd since abandoned. 

There was also a lot of logistics and technical things I never expected I'd learn. Doors were opened. 

The Wide Margin Book of Mormon is offered to you through a license with the Church's Intellectual Properties either via the downloadable PDF and printed yourself at a local to you printer, or already printed and bound at one of the Utah County printer locations I've worked with to ensure a low price and great quality. The document and book is for personal use only, not to be redistributed, resold, or altered in any way. 

I believe that all we need are those 10 minutes of intentional, set aside, and consecrated time with the word of God in our hands. I am convinced that The Book of Mormon is for you and me. That we can, as promised, FIND what we need, to guide us through our own individual feet on the ground lives. Wading through the mess, the uphill mountain climbs, the foggy roads of unknown, and the loud storm tossed seas.

 I've since created TWO Find, Companion Study guides to the Book of Mormon designed to encourage you to not only find the time to be in the scriptures, every single day, but also the inspire deeper study and more meaningful interaction with God's word. 

I stand all amazed, truly, at the love God has for you and me. I marvel at the ways He will use us to lift where we stand. I am humbled to be among you, and to have the chance to offer a little piece of me to you through these guides and the Wide Margin Book of Mormon. 

And, I now KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that The Book of Mormon is true. The people and life history's and miracles and testimony's within it's pages are true and real and they've offered me the deep and lasting change I was so desperate for. Jesus left the 99 to be with me when I needed Him. He lives. God is good. And YOU ARE LOVED. 


Print Guidelines: 

+ take PDF to LOCAL print shop (not a big box store like staples!)

+ print on 60-70 LB paper

+ cover on 100LB paper 

Recommended Printers:

Minute Man Press, Kennewick WA

Alphagraphics, Lehi, Utah 


 The Wide Margin Book of Mormon offered by Courtney Casper Letters is neither made, provided, approved, nor endorsed by, Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Any content or opinions expressed, implied, or included in or with the Product offered by Courtney Casper Letters are solely those of Courtney Casper Letters and not those of Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.