Choose Yes: finding unreasonable faith, no matter what.

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Faith, in and of itself, is unreasonable. Believing in things beyond the sense of logic is not for the faint of heart. In a world that thrives on worst case scenarios and arguing opinions, finding and holding onto something like faith, is proving to be more difficult every day.

 I spent way too many years stuck in patterns of “no” to God. Declaring my own anthem of yes to Him instead, has been a profound pivot from dark to light. This book is your own personal invitation to find your own yes, no matter what.

  •  Discover new spiritual practices, inviting new growth and perspective in faith.
  • Uncover the truth about who you are in God’s eyes and heart.
  • Let go of hustle, and embrace stillness.
  • Find a renewed commitment to a like with God, no matter what.

Special Features:

  • 5 Tear-Out Art Prints
  • Writing Space for prompts
  • Mercifully short *because who has time to sit down and read a giant book?!*
  • The PERFECT gift for your mom, neighbor, sister, friend.