ADVENT: Women in the Bible

ADVENT: Women in the Bible

It's here! 

This project was something I've been looking forward to creating since last year. I put an Advent study out last year on a whim only printing very few, not sure how it would be received. Every month since, you've asked when I'll have it restocked. 

Throughout the year I've been praying what this year's Advent needed to be, and then as I struggled with early pregnancy I prayed that I'd somehow be able to do it despite the lack of umph and ability I was constantly feeling. 

But when the inspiration comes, I walk where it calls.  

Co-written with Kayla Geddes, this years Advent Study is really special. Our unique perspectives and experiences have turned this Find Study into something more than I imagined-- You're going to love it. 

I pray that as you make efforts big and small to be in God's Word through the Advent Season studying the intricate and incredible story's of the chosen women in the Bible you find yourself in them. You see how Jesus Christ is your provision, redemption, healing, and comfort. 

I have learned so much from creating this study about who I am, who you are, and whose we are as sisters, daughters, and women of God. We truly are made one through Christ. 

Through this sacred season of waiting for the Savior of the world, may we link arms and Find HIM

This study is non-denominational and can be studied with any version of the bible. We used the KJV when creating it, focused on truth and light, I believe this will bring hope and love into your Advent season studied individually, in small groups, of every Christian faith. 


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Will you be doing a print of the new yw theme? Would like to print and frame for gifts 😊

Tiffany Naylor

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