Going Dark.

You know the scene when Michael Scott “declares” bankruptcy? 

When I similarly declared I was going to jump into a 10-day social media fast my husband raised his eyebrows and flatly responded with “so you’re going dark, eh?”

I laughed and forged full speed ahead into that “dark” with no turning back. 

and.. according to my inbox, lots of you did too. 

I prompted you to really think and find the “why” behind you going dark, knowing that simply refraining from something only lasts so long and true and lasting behavioral changes take a deeper leveled “why”. 

You guys showed up for me. 

I wanted to put together your thoughts and insights and share them all together because really, they were good stuff. 

Some words that I heard repeated:

  • Redirected 
  • Limit
  • Happiness
  • Connected
  • In-tune
  • Peaceful 
  • Purposeful

I remember the first time I ever came out here to Basin City. I was engaged to my husband and he brought me “back home” to spend some time with his family. It was fall and chilly while the cozy house was warm and welcoming. 

We were outside one night past dark, warmed by young love and matching Carhart coats, I have never seen so many stars. And not just stars, the entire Milky Way was showing off and I was in awe. 

The stars against the dark black sky are one of the major benefits to living out in the country. 

Going dark online allowed us to see the Milky Way. 

You felt a sense of redirection in your life. You found new purpose in being ALIVE in your one and only life. You felt happier, lighter, and more peaceful- without any big life changing alterations, just simply from being truly present where you were. You felt more in-tune with yourself, God, and you’re people. You found a sense of connection that had long since been missing. You felt recommitted to limit your use and take back your time. 

I too felt all those things. I too, stared at my children and laughed at my husbands lame jokes wholeheartedly. I too, answered to “mom” on the first call, instead of the 30th. I too, sat and thought, without any end game. Ate at fancy restaurants without taking a photo. And watched sunsets for the sole purpose of soaking in it’s glory. 

I too, woke up happier and slept better with only my own life in my head. I read more, wrote more, and snuggled more. I played trains and blocks and laughed at things that were funny because I as actually SEEING them. 

I am learning, that the darkness isn’t something to run from— it’s where God does some of His best work within us. 

And while I’m not staying off social media forever, I am learning something about going dark, and especially how bravely embracing it can lead to inner transformation I never expected. 

Thank you for sharing your heart with me, I hope I did it justice here. 

I pray that we can link arms and encourage each other in the darkness, so that we can each stay in the light. 


You are loved!


Going dark helped me do a few things the first and foremost was break my social media addiction. I learned self control and instead of spending all the time,i usually spend on facebook while nursing i spent it reading the scriptures. I was able to spend more time being present and involved then halfway giving my attention to my kids. I learned that now that I’m finished with my fast i didnt miss social media and so far am only scrolling for 15 minutes after my kids are asleep. I need this challenge and am so grateful for the inspired words of the prophet. I learned to use my time wisely and to get things done that i needed, no more wasting time!


The fast helped me learn that I controlled my time not the internet. All those moments in line or waiting where I was scrolling I could read and be productive (I read the entire Saints book). I had more time to catch up life (I did two big projects) and more time to exercise. This made me feel more under control too. I work in social Media and I felt I learned I could do my job and not fall into the hole. I intend to be more much aware of what I give away to social media and mindless scrolling! For me it was all about time!


Going made me realize how much I’d been floating through my day like a plastic bag in the wind. I realized I needed to be more intentional about how I use my phone and when. This fast grounded me. It gave me clarity. It gave me back the power to own my life instead of letting it own me.❤️


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