Here's the thing, we ALL have days when we just don't "feel it". When the faith thing seems out of reach, or not working, or too much work, or, or, OR. 

I'm learning hard faith seasons (what I'm calling it) are sacred in their own right. They are like the relentless wind on my new tiny trees roots. I was SURE that those trees would be dead this spring. The wind beat on them all winter long, and I just couldn't fathom how they would survive. 

They did. 
And today they are three times the size, with roots deep and strong. 

We live on the Columbia River in Washington. We spend time on the river every summer. I am super intimidated by it's fast current (and lets be honest the giant Sturgeon aren't a fun thought either). Being out on the river, you're either moving forward, or you're being carried with the current. There aren't any other options. 

Perhaps our faith is the same. 
The seasons of relentless wind is forcing (sometimes painfully) our roots deep and strengthening our core. 
The current of our lives either pushing us to keep going, keep walking, keep trusting, and believing, or else carrying us toward outcomes we may not have seen coming. 

I want to offer you that YOU GET TO CHOOSE. And choosing to DO FAITH, by DOING the small & simple things like prayer, scripture study, and sabbath worship matter. 

Doing them tired.
Doing them worn out and out of gas. 
Doing them without "feeling it".
Doing them ANYWAYS, matters. 

Because not doing them, is like stopping paddling on the Columbia. You won't stand still. You'll end up in another city. You'll still get just as impactful results, they'll just be at the opposite end of the spectrum of faith. They'll be things like doubt. fear. darkness. and temptation.

I have finally, the hard way, decided I just can't keep playing catch up. It's really hard to try to get back to paddling once I've let the current take over. Darkness and doubt still hang around, but when I'm DOING FAITH, they don't have the power to throw me over the edge. In fact, they don't have much power at all. 
By small and simple things, GREAT THNGS ARE BROUGH TO PASS. 

alma 37:6





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