even if it's small & messy.

even if it's small & messy.

I'm learning to just do what I think about doing. 

I don't know about you, but when it comes to deciding to do something, I can be an over thinker, over planner, and under-deliverer. 

I'm learning when I feel like doing something, to just do it, without needing to have the "perfect" plan in place or the "perfect" system set up  or the "perfect" circumstance. 

I'm learning to just move in the direction I'm feeling called and let it be messy, let it be "sub-par"... because at the end of the day, at the very least, I've made even just a few tiny steps toward whatever that "thing" is. 

Why do I feel like printing recipes off the Internet & putting them into a binder? I have no idea. ha! I don't have a cute binder yet. My dividers are too small to be seen in-between the page protectors, which is driving me a little bit crazy, but oh well. I've never been a recipe follower, so why start now? I don't know, but why not? Small steps in a direction that seems silly and insignificant that could be done way better...

And yet, even these small, silly, not-sure-why steps are STEPS. They feel good. They feel like something I want to do, even though I don't know "why". 

What are you feeling called to? Maybe it's huge groundbreaking stuff, maybe it's not. I believe in a God who cares about it all, knows our needs in it all, and will gently nudge where He wants us to be, doing the things He wants us to do. 

Do the thing. Take the small steps. Who cares if their messy or unplanned or haphazard. Just go & do. God will work the rest out. 

You are loved. 


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