Lately I've been compelled to look at my commitment to choosing yes to God. asking the tough questions. "Will I choose yes to Him here? am I sure about this?" The daily reflection has drawn me back to my book, "Choose Yes" nearly every day. 

In this episode I wanted to read you chapter 17: Rebellion. I love this chapter. In it we unpack what it might look like to start a rebellion in your own life. A rebellion against the worlds attempts to keep us from the important spiritual practices we know deep down we need. 

Asking the tough questions, evaluating our time spent with a bit of humble curiosity, losing judgment, and genuinely opening our hearts to God's truths. 

  • We are not powerless to distraction or busyness.
  • He works in mysterious ways, oftentimes defeating the Goliaths in our lives through unreasonable means.
  • We have what it takes to remake our spiritual lives by choosing yes to God every day in big & small ways. 
  • We are LOVED. 

Listen in! 



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