February: The Month of Love [NOTES]

February: The Month of Love [NOTES]

Have you heard of the "The Love Note Project"?! 



Here's the short story ;) 

4 years ago, in the thick of postpartum depression, anxiety, and the heartache of having just moved far from my family, I woke up at 3am (again) with my new baby, only in this sleep deprived state, I had an idea come to me. I couldn't shake it, and while I didn't know it at the time, it was a very clear answer to so many seemingly unanswered prayers. 

To fill the un-fillable desire to connect with a struggling younger brother, I began sending simple cards telling him I loved him, was thinking about him, and acknowledging him. 

This simple act woke something up within me. So, when the inspiration came to send anonymous Love Notes to strangers that needed them, I didn't hesitate at all. With barley 100 followers on Instagram, I shared my idea and a gmail account where anyone could submit someone they knew that needed reminded that THEY WERE LOVED and I'd hand letter a simple card with that encouragement inside. 

Over the last 4 years, I've sent thousands of Love Notes to strangers across the globe, thanks to you're heartfelt and thoughtful submissions. I've heard stories of loss, struggle, heartbreak, and every other range of circumstances too. I've sent Love Notes to prisons and broken homes and to Mother's who haven't been spoken to in years. I've sent them to your friends, acquaintances, and family. I've sent them to nearly every state and continent. I've hand lettered and stamped plain white cards with black ink & the words "you are loved" to YOUR people. 

And it's mattered. 

This month, I am inviting you to JOIN ME in spreading LOVE through something as simple as putting a card, anonymous or not, in the mailbox of *that* person that has come to your mind as you've been reading. 

I know that when we reach out, God will direct our hands for His purposes in lifting His children who need it. Your friends. Your family. Your neighbors. Your acquaintances. They need YOU. 

I've created a fun mini-lettering workbook specifically aimed at giving you some fresh Love Note ideas as well as three different styles of practice lettering sheets, my favorite Love Note supply list and where to get them, and two different PRINTABLE love notes! 

Tag me on Instagram all month long as you practice your lettering, but more importantly as you link arms with me in spreading LOVE to those who need it. I'll be sharing your goodness all month long. 

And if YOU need reminded today of the simple truth that grounds and theaters us to who were truly are: YOU ARE LOVED. 

To download your Love Note Lettering Workbook, go HERE. 

A simple tutorial on "how to use" and print your workbook & love notes below!



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