figuring it out.

May 08, 2018

figuring it out.

Everything is figureoutable, or at the very least navitagable. 

We recently bought our kids the game UNO, since they’re *arguably* starting to get to ages where they *could* have the capacity to sit and play a game. (Haha! Parenting!) 

At any rate- consistently, our three year old wins at uno, which mildly enrages her two older sisters (and possibly mother, I can’t be certain;) 

She doesn’t even know whats going on in this game! No, she sort of does, but mostly doesn’t, and yet she’s the winner more times than not. She quietly sits there and waits for her turn with no strategy, no ego, and no expectations. She only knows the yellow’s go on yellow’s and everyone screams when she puts down the “rainbow” card. (Draw four wild card)

Such is life a with God, I’m learning. 

Although we may have zero idea what is going on, what the rules are, what the strategy is supposed to be, or what our next move is, with God, everything is figureoutable, or at the very least navigatable. And in my experience, when working with Him, we usually end up “winning” exactly what we need. Which is almost never a medal of honor or *win*, but instead it’s perspective, faith, or resilience. 

So no matter what circumstances you’re sitting in today, good, bad, hard, or just a mess of unknowns, take heart! With God, prayer, scripture study, and a little bit of working faith, everything is figureoutable in due time, and until then, it’s most definitely navigatable. We can find little answers in prayer. Small encouragement in the words of the scriptures or conference talks. We can get clues to our next steps through meaningful conversation or quiet meditation. We can rely on what we KNOW- yellows on yellows- until the rest make sense. 

Just like a totally trusting and unknowing three year old with the curliest hair you’ve ever seen- we too can play it by ear, let go of expectations and ego, and rely on God’s seen and unseen, revealed and unrevealed, hand in our lives- and continue to WALK IN FAITH & TRUST IN HIM. 

You are loved, known, heard, and seen. 

He is your Father. 


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