A "Pay it Forward" GIVEAWAY

A "Pay it Forward" GIVEAWAY

I have written and rewritten this post. 

Maybe this topic will be a whole chapter in the theoretical book I'm writing ;) 

So to spare you 1500 words worth of thoughts here are the main deets that you need to know! 

One recipient will be gifted 2 sold out "Finding Joy" Mini Journals. One for them, and one to gift themselves. 

Aubrey and I will have our work cut out for us scouring for each entry but will select it May 6th and announce May 7th.

Your entry is a "pay it forward" action! 

  • Instead of suppressing *that* generous thought, ACT. I want you to feel the empowerment, love, and connection that comes from asking God who needs YOU, and hearing that name clear as day. I want you to feel the sense of purpose in being His hands and lifting right where you stand. 
  • Share a faith encouraging message on social media. Send a text. Write a card. Call them. Stop by. Mend an argument. Let something go. Ask how they're doing and be all in to hold their answer. No person is off limits, WE NEED EACHOTHER. 

Then to "enter", SHARE. 

  • comment on this post
  • email me
  • comment on instagram
  • send me a private message
  • tag me in a post
  • or use the #linkarmsandlove

With Mother’s Day approaching, I’m sensitive to the very real fact that we each have different perspectives about this day. To some it’s a happy celebration, to others a painful reminder of heartache. Either way, I believe wholeheartedly that our influence matters, and that through small and simple means GREAT things happen within ourselves and in the lives of those we touch. 

Although we won’t be able to SEE the direct impact of our faithful efforts to minister in our own small corners of the world, but I have faith that we will be able to FEEL the power of sisters united in purpose, hearts knit together in purpose and desire to become more like our Savior in service and love. 

And no gift that I can personally give can bring THAT kind of JOY

Making us ALL winners. ;)

You are loved. 

Your influence matters. 


Today I FIND myself spending a few hours packing a sisters home for an upcoming move. She is away for the weekend and while she knows I am packing I am hoping to get so much done that she can FIND that her burden was be lifted just a little more. I love to organize and clean so I FIND this pay it forward “easy”.


My favorite pay it forward, act of service is cleaning. Cleaning is something that I love to do for others and is a universal gift anyone can benefit from. Recently I’ve cleaned out my in-laws garage for them because I know they both are busy and it’s something that has been neglected. Seeing their faces when they saw how clean and open it was, was truly a testament to me that we grow closer to our Savior through service. I was given the gift of hands to serve to show God’s love for others and I’m so appreciative of it. I love everything you do Courtney, I’m so blessed to “Insta-know” you!


I just discovered your Instagram from my sister in law and just love it. I love how I feel when I read your posts, how motivated I am to love others, and work on my relationship with the Saviour. Lately I’ve been babysitting different friend’s children while they work or go to lunch with their hubby’s or whatever. It’s not always easy but I like knowing they’ll get a little time to themselves. I’m also reaching out and making friends with a less active sister who I used to visit teach. She wants to be friends so I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and actively inviting her to join my kids and I in little things like library visits or a walk. It’s encouraging 🤗


I’ve recently realized that I haven’t been the greatest of friends. It so easy for me to get caught up in my own troubles that I don’t realize what others are going through. Some of my acts this week will be acts of friendship and reaching out in love more


My family recently moved into a new ward and I’ve been having a hard time reaching out to other and creating friendships, so today, I made cookies, took them to 3 families in the ward, and introduced myself. It was so much easier than I thought it would be and I already feel the budding friendships!


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