"finding" your own style.

"finding" your own style.

I've heard it hundreds of times. (and been there myself) "I'm still trying to find my own style..." 

it's a frustrating place to be. it's a messy place to be. it's when you're scrolling through Instagram and everyone else has it all together and you don't. 

the thing is... in that place, you'll never find your own style. 

because we find it, when we STOP looking for it. 

The PROCESS of "finding" or developing your own style is hard. it's where you grow, learn, and stretch. where you have to be brave, put yourself out there, and jump. 

and you can't skip all that, and end up at your own style. you've got to wade through it, do the jumping, do the learning and growing. 

 go TAKE my Mini Course all about stumbling into your own style by leaning into messy middle. :) 

because, finding your own style is something that just has to come naturally, and putting it in a pressure cooker isn't going to produce anything worth having. there's no art in that. there's no you in that. 


love court

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