the middle.

March 08, 2017

the middle.

I am reading a book "rising strong" by brene brown.

and some words jumped off the page for me.

the middle.

we have all found ourselves (or probably are currently) in the middle of something.

I one time decided I was going to make a very fancy dessert called Lemon Chiffon Pie.
that thing tastes like heaven.
but baking it takes nearly every pot, pan, bowl, spoon, rubber spatula, and ounce of concentration you posses to get it right. and then sometimes it still turns its nose up at you and decides it's just gonna lay there flat and not even care.
but, it tastes like heaven, and I like a big "ta-da!" finish when it comes to my desserts. not every time, because lets face it, I also really like a box of hot tamales or a good s'more, but as far as lemon chiffon goes, I want that "ta-da!". I want the end result. so i'll put up with the middle mess to get to it.

what about the middle of....

a relationship.
a job.
a soccer game.
a deadline.
an argument.
a health and wellness goal.
a breakup.
a project.

the middle is messy.
it's upside down, twisty, sometimes takes every ounce of concentration and every dang dish in your kitchen. it takes sweat, tears, and pure determination. it takes all of you. and then some.

for what?

okay. back to Lemon Chiffon.
when you start to do that whipping thing, and using the very fine strainer to make the perfect consistency of the bottom layer--- it starts to come together and, magic. you can see the end-ish in that messy middle.

the messy middles of our day to day create magic in a way that is heart wrenching but purifying. they crack open our hearts and dump them upside down, but then fill them back up to the brim. they open our eyes to new insights, inspiration, ideas, and possibilities.
they make us vulnerable and open to new things.
new understandings.
they make us sensitive to our inner desires, and push us to become better.
they bring us to our knees, and to God.

without messy middles, there would be no growth.
no stretching.
no learning.

but. they are still messy.
i'm trying to embrace the messy middles of my life. the times when I would really like to just put my head down and power through without looking up, instead I want to look up. look around. find God there, and search for what He's tidying up through this mess.
because that's just what He does, doesn't He?
he takes our mess, and turns them into beautiful moments of strength and power.
he takes whatever we are, and refines us to become what he believes we can be.

we're not perfect.
but we're trying.

and although we may be up to our elbows in a messy middle of (fill in the blank)... that's okay.
because messy middles, equal magic.
we just have to look around and find it.

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