FREEBIES: Prints, Study Tools, & MORE!

January 10, 2019 1 Comment

FREEBIES: Prints, Study Tools, & MORE!

This page is dedicated to pointing you to the free resources offered throughout the year! Feel free to come back to it as it's updated! 

Sabbath Notes- YOUTH Freebie Download! 

April 2019Wide Margin General Conference PDF

April 2018 Wide Margin General Conference PDF

October 2018 Wide Margin General Conference PDF

President Nelson Challenge (from General Women's Broadcast 10/18) Print

The Love Note Project Submission: Submit someone for a FREE & anonymous love note reminding them that they are LOVED. 


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March 09, 2019

Will you be printing more copies of your wide margin New Testament?

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FREE "Sabbath Notes" PDF

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