Young Women Sabbath Notes FREEBIE!

January 17, 2019 3 Comments

Young Women Sabbath Notes FREEBIE!

I have a freebie today that I am loving, and think you will too, and it's for the Young Women! (or your youth as you study the new Come Follow Me program!)


We've found that a weekly journal hasn't really been working, as some girls forget theirs or feel aimless on what to write in it. But last week my team teacher brought a little print out that guided the lesson as well as prompting them to interact with focused scriptures & quotes in a way that wasn't intimidating or overwhelming. 


The girls were reflective and more open to sharing their heart after processing through the questions on their own, and engaged in their own spiritual interaction with the lesson focused material. 

I wanted to make a worksheet that allowed the girls to develop a habit that has hugely impacted my own sabbath through weekly reflection and writing down spiritual impressions big and small. 

This worksheet can be filled in by you digitally (or by hand and photo copied) with lesson focused Inspired Questions, scriptures, and quotes, helping not only the girls to interact with the material but also to guide your own thoughts as the Spirit directs. 

Download for FREE, HERE! 

Here is a short tutorial on how to download, fill out, and print at home. 

ENJOY! :) 

Sabbath Notebook- How to Use! from Courtney Casper on Vimeo.



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Barbara Lemmon
Barbara Lemmon

November 05, 2019

My daughter teaches young women’s and instead of high, low, they have thorns and roses!


March 24, 2019

I was wondering the same thing. How do you use the check in?


February 08, 2019

I really love this and think I will try it out with my yw lesson this week. I just wanted to ask how you use the “check in” section with the “thankful, low, and high.” I tried looking back through things because I remember when you first posted this, but I cannot remember what you said about this section. And, thank you for sharing your talents. I own a few of your products and I truly love them.

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