Give Back Workshop!

Give Back Workshop!

My "Give Back Workshop" is just around the corner, this weekend, and as I get everything ready and packed up to travel to Utah, I'm so excited to introduce you to some really great women and shops that have graciously sponsored the goodie bag for each attendee! 


When I decided I wanted to do some sort of "grab bag", I knew I wanted to support other small shops, makers, artists, and women who were using their talents and skills to do good in the world. to spread love & light. to make a difference small or big. 

and so my search went!

the women who I've settled on are amazing, and I highly recommend their shops! Go check them out and show them some love :) 

and! if you're one of the lucky ducks coming to the workshop this weekend... you're getting a sneak peek of some of the amazing goodies waiting for you!! 


       First up is one of my new Instagram friends Amanda Nelson. We met through Instagram, and she attended one of my workshops in boise, and will be at the give back one as well! She is a talented letterer. she letters words that mean something to her, and shares her heart openly. you know I love that! 


             Second is Courtney Lee of CourtLeeArt. She has an etsy store with the cutest little prints. She also is on a mission to share her art- and does so in such a cute way! I am so thrilled to "know" her and to have her as a sponsor this year. 


            Next is The Hazel Boutique. They are sisters out to spread love and encouragement through hand stamped jewelry! If you know me, you know I'm kind of a gypsy, and these pieces are right up my alley, so I just knew my attendees would love them too. Their shop is full of pretty, and uplifting. So happy to have them as sponsors this year! go check them out!

         Next up is an artist who I've worked with months ago to create a beautiful custom piece for our home, Weathered Water Lily She has an etsy shop filled with pretty and meaningful art that I just know you're going to love! Go check it out here

         We are also lucky enough to have a brand new etsy shop and incredible artist, New Addition Designs, Chrissy Taylor. Her custom watercolor prints are gorgeous, and I can't wait for you to see the beauty in each of your goodie bags. if you're not attending the workshop, hop on over to her shop and snag one of her beautiful paintings- they're so affordable too! She is on a mission to create art that reminds us of the sacred and treasured promises we made in the temple. A woman spreading light and love! 


     And lastly we have my real life friend, Shandiin Schwendiman She has created a business, way out here, with LuLaRoe! If there's one thing I love to see is a success story, and Shandiin has opened up doors for their family through her business over and over again, it's so fun to watch her succeed! (not to mention her oldest daughter is the worlds best babysitter and basically helps raise my girls, so bonus points for Shandiin! ;) She has generously donated 50 pairs of LuLa Leggings to be donated with our donations to The Center for Women and Children in Crisis! As well as some other goodies for the grab bags. :) You can check out her shop here


Thank you ladies! and thank you to each person who is coming to the Give Back workshop! I can't wait to meet you and letter with you and lift together, right where we stand.


see ya Saturday!! 



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