Here we are. Just a few days until I fully make the jump into something I’ve never done. Although many, many, hours have been spent pondering, praying (lots of that) and seeking on behalf of this new innovative and creative way to study our scriptures, I find myself on the verge of intense fear, and overwhelming relief!

 I haven’t even talked much about what has been going on behind the scenes, because, LIFE. And I get that you have LIFE going on behind your scenes too. But, I’m ready.

 I’M READY! And I really hope that you are too. :)

 After experiencing the excitement for the Book of Mormon project and watching as that beautiful collaboration inspired hundreds (if not more) to re-engage with a book that has been there all along, I was left with a raw and open heart vulnerable to the voice of the Spirit as I found myself on my knees asking, begging, “what next” while still right in the middle of “right now.” Which was the strangest place to be.

 I was feeling a tug to put everything down for a while as the new school year approached. The weight of the project constantly there sitting next to me. It was a roller coaster of emotions. I was so humbled but walking a fine line between what I wanted to do (keep printing and fielding emails and helping everyone get the PDF downloaded and printed) and what I was being guided to actually doing (turning it all off). I talk of faith, but in this moment, I really had to reach for that faith to do what I knew I needed to.

 During the next days and weeks, I struggled to understand the answer to my original question, “what next”. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew that it was something… but what?

 As I started to run in the mornings again, pack sack lunches of peanut butter sandwiches, drive to and from piano and soccer... the small pieces started to fall into place in my heart. And I knew.

 We want something pretty. Something simple. Something that directs and encourages and enlightens our 10 minutes of consecrated, planned, sacrificed for time that we carve out to study that pretty Book of Mormon. That true, comforting, guiding, protecting, Book of Mormon.

 Ten minutes. That’s all I have, and maybe that’s all you have and I am coming to believe wholeheartedly, THAT’S ALL WE NEED.

 She that seeks, shall find.

 She is you. She is me. Women of faith who are trying really hard. Trying to walk the roads Gods calls us on, trying to accept the actions of others, trying to love when the lines are not so black and white. Trying to raise our babies and be good wives. Trying to do our callings and serve our neighbors. Trying to connect with ourselves, God, and others. Trying to be in this heart-beating life and still maintain an eternal perspective. We are giving it our all. We are ready to seek, like it’s the most important thing we do, and we are ready to swing our feet over the edge of the ship and walk on water if Jesus beckons us to. He will work miracles in your life, He will be the lighthouse on the shores in the midst of your darkest storms. He will call your name, and direct your paths.

 You are loved. And known.

 And, you are worth those ten minutes. When you seek, you will FIND.


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