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Since printing the Wide Margin Book of Mormon with Inspired Artwork.. I can’t put my finger on the exact WHY, but I have seen a real transformation in my Book of Mormon study.

and I think I can sum it up in one word. A word that I’ve been missing the mark on, maybe my whole life.


We can find promise after promise, testimony after powerful testimony shared of the power of The Book of Mormon. The influence. The protection. The perspective. The TRUTH that lies within it’s pages.

But there is often this word, find, within that promise.

“We can find answers to our prayers.”
“You will find the power to avoid deception. You will find the power to stay on the straight and narrow path.”
“You will find greater power to resist temptation.”
“We can find spiritual nourishment and protection.”

(Sources at the end of post)

we have to find the light that the book of mormon offers us. It’s there- sitting on our shelf or beside our bed. But just because it exists, doesn’t mean it is going to jump out and grab us.

We have to find it.

Sometimes that finding takes great effort on our part. here are three things that I have started doing that has really changed my “finding”..

1. Make the time.
I’m not leaving that time up to chance anymore. I’m not waiting to see if I have it, or if it falls in my lap. I’m not waiting to see if I’m not too tired at the end of a long day. I’m not waiting. I am making the time, end of story. I am choosing the time. I am intentionally sitting down, opening up The Book of Mormon, and I am giving myself permission to find. It has been freeing and powerful.

2. Read & reread.
If you’re me, I am tempted to skim through and speed read. Get this checked off for the day and move on the next thing to do. Sometimes we’re doing a “Read the Book of mormon in 30 days” type of thing, and really it all has a place! But as for finding, I am thinking that it takes more than the speed read. If you’re me you have to read. stop. reread. stop. & write. I ask myself, “why did I just stop? What words stood out to me? Why is this resonating with me?” And then I write that down. (The wide margin book has been a game changer for this!!!) I read, and reread, and ultimately I am finding. Finding light and truth and direction.

3. ponder.
Ponder is one of those churchy words that seems really fluffy and rosy. (Maybe just to me?) but here’s the deal. Pondering seals the deal on my finds. It is what lets whatever I have found settle around me like glitter. Little flecks of light shining in the darkness. And sometimes, those little flecks of light take a minute to settle. To stick.

If I make the time to study, and I’m finding, searching, for light and inspiration.. but then I jump up as soon as I’ve put in the time and move on to the next thing— those little flecks of light swirl back up and never get the chance to stick.

Book of Mormon glitter is the best kind. It is sticky light- the kind that spreads to everything around out. It leaves itself on those you speak to, connect with, and serve. It leaves a trail behind you as you go throughout the rest of your day. It sparkles in the sunshine when you feel an inner darkness looming.

Finding that light, that tiny sparkling glitter of truth and protection and answer to prayers will change your life.

The minutes of your life that make up the whole of it, changed and filled with the love of God, for you. 

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