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I want to share a really really quick thought with you!

In First Nephi chapter 21, Nephi shares with us some powerful truths about who we are. He reminds us that we are graven upon the palms of Jesus and our walls are continually before Him. (21:16) He shares the powerful truth that with the Lord we can break free from any and all personal prisons. (21:9-11) He boldly reminds us that our Lord will have mercy on His people who suffer from affliction of every kind. 

And in verse 18, he asks us to "Lift up thine eyes round about and behold..." 

Too often I find myself with eyes down. Focused on whatever task is at hand, whatever crises needs fixed, whatever child needs loved, email that needs checked, message that needs responded to. Every crumb that needs swept, every call that needs returned. Every meeting that needs attended, every calorie that needs counted. Every feeling that needs felt, every show that needs watched, photo that needs liked, moment that needs shared. 

As I've started finding and recording the small and simple ways that God shows up for me throughout each normal and regular day, I have found myself lifting my eyes up, and beholding. 

Of course, life requires eyes down much of the time. How else would anything get done?! 

But, I'm learning that without taking moments to look up and "behold".. I am not fully present, fully aware, fully loved, grateful, or connected with Jesus Christ or my Father in Heaven. I am not fully guided or inspired. I am not fully.. me. 

We are not soldiers. We are His children. 
He doesn't ask us to march day in and day out.
He asks us to walk with Him. He asks us to come unto Him. He guides, inspires, holds our hand, loves, and cares for us. 

But we must lift our eyes up to SEE & BEHOLD Him. To recognize Him. To turn off the constant drip of entertainment and/or noise to HEAR Him and the whisper of the Spirit. 

I'm living proof that making that small pivot in our lives, matters, and it's life giving, and miraculous in the smallest yet greatest ways. 

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How do you do this? How do you not take care of all that is…in the most sincere way I ask this question. Not really expecting an answer. Just putting it out into the universe. I am consumed by the constant of the day-to-day. Feeling no relief and no time to refill or fulfill. It’s daunting and overwhelming and pushes me down.

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