Make A Wish.

Make A Wish.

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The tee that I designed for the awesome small shop Becoming threads, "Live Inspired" is NOW AVAILABLE! When you purchase a tee, you are not only supporting a small business, BEcoming Threads, trying to do some good in the world, but you are also donating 20% of every dollar to a foundation that is near to my heart... 

Two years ago this June our family had a wish. The wish was more of a prayer. It was the kind of wish that you’d give anything for, that you stayed up at night pleading for, that overwhelmed you in places like the grocery store and on the side of the road. It was a wish that wasn’t ours or any one elses to grant. 

Cancer is scary. I’ve always been drawn to and for the amount of words I love, there aren’t words to describe what cancer is, and I didn’t even have the cancer.

There are a lot of wishes that are made when cancer enters your family or life. Wishes for cures. Wishes for comfort. For no more exhaustion. Wishes for hair and health and normal days. Wishes for wellness. Wishes for NORMAL.

Cancer is a thief. it steals and takes and consumes. There is no magic wand to fulfill wishes for cures or normal.

But there is a foundation who grants wishes of laughter and adventure and memories in the face of cancer and other illness. of trips to Hawaii and dinners on sandy beaches where cancer doesn’t define the day or the person or the family. down ziplines and out into the open ocean on surf boards. Into wild waves of a sea so blue it’s not even a real color.

And you don’t have to do cancer. And you don’t have to be cancer. And it can’t steal from you that week. It can’t consume, it can’t take.

The Make A Wish foundation granted my 17 year old brother a wish, and he brought us along and I’ll forever cherish those memories. a million memories of sunshine and laughter in the darkest storm. a lifeline. A wish come true in the arena of cancer, where the odds tell you, you wish in vain.

Someone gave every dollar that payed for that granted wish for my family. And we aren’t special. we don’t have big causes or a famous name. And yet, every dollar, was raised and donated and given without knowledge of our million happy memories despite the tornado of cancer.

Your dollar matters. 20% of every dollar from the purchase of my t-shirt “Live Inspired” will go to the Make A Wish Foundation to grant other suffering families a wish. there are so many wishes that can’t be granted, but the Make A Wish Foundation can make some come true.

Cancer is a thief, but every dollar we raise for the Make A Wish foundation goes to getting back some of the light and happy and normal for families in the battle of cancer.

and those things are everything.

You’re influence matters. Our influence matters. You and me. Lets spread some love and light.

today. :)

A note from Jake, my brother:

"Make-A-Wish gave me the opportunity of making my best memories right in the middle of making my worst. Those amazing memories will stick with me forever. I am thankful for Make-A-Wish and the blessing the foundation was to my family and i." 

These shirts are printed in LIMITED QUANTITIES! So, hurry over to BEcoming Threads, a small business owned by two women on a mission to spread goodness through their love of simple & classic tee's, and get your Live Inspired T-shirt! Thank you in advance for your generosity and love. :) 



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