I don’t know about you but every first week of the new year seems like it’s 18 weeks long. There’s so much.. doing? Planning. preparing. It is a lot of work inside & outside of us to make changes!

I was talking to a friend about the sudden busyness of January after a nice slow Christmas break and we both joked “this is NOT sustainable!”

All jokes aside, there was a lot of truth to our words.

I’m learning we simply can’t maintain the level of DOING our lives may demand without an active practice of BEING.

This is the work I’m doing with my clients— learning the practice of being that fits in their unique lives, season, abilities & desires.

Most of us know this.

It’s the same concept of “eat more vegetables.” We know.

But with it’s hard to know where to start.

Let me off you this: START WHERE YOU ARE.

Where is one time in your day you find yourself scrolling on your phone or watching tv or doing some other mindless doing.

For me, I found around lunchtime I was plopping down on my bed and scrolling social media for 10 or 15 minutes. I’d gotten into a routine without really knowing it! I decided I was going to start adding stillness to that motion I already going for me.


You don’t need a fancy pillow, incense, music or ambiance to practice stillness. You don’t need an hour or even 20 minutes. You don’t need anything other than YOU.

Your mind is GOING to argue with you why this won’t work. It will start to scream out your to-do list. The dryer will go off reminding you it’s time to switch the next load over. The kids will attempt to thwart your plans. Someone will text you. The doorbell will ring. It’s just the way it goes. Do your best. Try for a minute. The next day shoot for 2. These minutes will add up & WILL make a difference!

Monday Mantra:

I will find the time for stillness & focus my heart on more BEING amidst all the doing. There is power in my presence.

You are LOVED!




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