Mother's Day.

Mother's Day.


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While praying over what words or thoughts I could share with you this Mother’s Day, sure I had a billion thoughts on actual Motherhood. I am in the thick of learning a new little person while juggling three other amazing little girls lives and also fresh in the territory of full-time-momming it without work in the inbetween. 


Here’s the deal.

Motherhood, it’s one aspect of who we are.

We are first and forever WOMEN, women divinely created and uniquely designed by a Heavenly Father & Mother. 

I used to wonder what I’d display at a talent show. I didn’t have any of the typical talents typically displayed like piano, dance, vocal abilities, or baton twirling. 

I liked to doodle. I liked drawing letters and writing peoples names over and over again in different styles. I liked a really good raw conversations, and life coached kids going through divorce. I enjoyed people. I loved to take photos of people’s faces and find their own story behind the lens developing those photos in a dark room. 

It’s safe to say I avoided talent shows of any kind like my life depended on it. 

I felt art in my life, but didn’t know how to name it. I didn’t know that it was OKAY to name art in my very regular and simple and uneventful life. 


Your life, whatever it looks like, in all it’s simplicity is a beautiful reflection of His best artwork, YOU. 

We are clay in His hands, molded and shaped, different in different seasons, but always His, and always reflecting art in all that we are and do. 

Trial, especially seems to shape us around Him, if we allow it. 

When we struggle and allow that trial to shape us around Him, our trust in His unending love deepens, carrying us through the flames better, and more fully His masterpiece. 

This one and only beautiful existence is not a talent show. We don’t have to live for the purpose of applause, we don’t have to shirk at the art in our lives if it can’t be displayed or marketed. 

As women, we are covered by the force of His love— fearfully and wonderfully made. Art, in every essence of the word. 

Lean into your life, whatever it looks like today, and FIND His art reflected like the sunset across my front porch windows. Quiet, yet expansive. Showing up night after night after night, unconditionally. 


Right now. 

Right here. 

You are His art.

(print found HERE)

Allow trial to shape you around Him. 

& a Happy Mother’s Day to you, from me. 






Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


What a wonderful tribute to your mom, and to YOU as a mom!! I can’t wait to read & listen to it because I own everything you’ve written!! I know it will be exceptional!! Love you, Court♥️



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