on being creatively stuck.

March 24, 2017

on being creatively stuck.

what gets you "in the mood" to create?! we've all been there. we've set aside some time to sit and create. if you're me, I've got the dishes done and the kids are playing play dough (or watching lion king). I've got my cucumber water at my desk (which is somewhat cleaned/organzied) and I'm ready.

and then....


is there anything more frustrating?! Today I was feeling it. or NOT feeling it rather. I was all intention and no creative flow. all checklist and quotes ready and no umph or inspiration.

I was ready to call it, accept "defeat".

ever been there? maybe it's not even lettering! maybe it's a church lesson or a dance piece or a musical number. maybe it's scrapbooking or photography or filing your taxes. (if you're into that kind of thing.)

(this is my muse right now. partaking some one else's offering of art always inspires me in mine.)

and here's the thing. I just know I'm not alone in this. so. here are the things that shake things up and open the creative flood gates for me. maybe one of these things can do some shaking up in your own creative space. :) 

one thing that always turns on the creative faucet is music.
and different kinds too. sometimes I want classic rock n roll. lately I'm into the cello. I'm always in the mood for Mumford and sons. my theory is that music has a way of blurring the background noise of life, and allowing creativity to flow. life is loud. stress is loud. fear, distraction, x, y & z can really throw off our creative groove. Music just has a way of muting all that and letting whatever is in you... out. 


another thing that helps me when I'm feeling "stuck" is to go back to my basics. I say "my" basics because I truly believe that this can be applied to whatever it is you're trying to "tap in to". letters might not be your "thing". not your creative release, but maybe it's music. maybe it's dance. maybe it's a church lesson. maybe it's interior design. or a new exercise routine. maybe it's photography. maybe it's floral design. maybe you don't know WHAT your "thing" is yet, but you're trying to uncover it. Going back to the basics can take away all the complicated out of whatever it is you're trying to open. they remove the expectations. the forcing. and boxed-in-ness that kills creative inspiration. for me, the "abc's" in ink smudge away all the impossibles and stuck-ness and open the door for... anything. 


the final push into my creative space is always, honesty. the kind of self reflection that is sometimes uncomfortable and owie. taking wherever I am, whatever I'm feeling, experiencing, or "got going on" and giving it life. acknowledging it. holding it in my hands, and letting it be. putting it down on paper. or just letting it sit with me for a little while, stripping away any pride or walls or unmet expectations away with them. this is usually when my heart starts praying. turning it all over to God. and letting whatever is holding me back start to blur, or fuel my art. either way, when I'm being honest, authentic, and real. my creations are me. it's authentic. its real. and when it's those things, I come alive. (I walk you through my process of this in my ecourse Inspired Lettering)

I used to think that I wasn't worth this kind of time, or energy. what did it matter if I was creating art? what did it matter if I shoved all my feelings down? whats the point of finding art in something that I feel pushed to create?

but here's the thing. it does matter. you're worth the investment of time. the people that you will touch with your art are worth the energy and guts that it takes to uncover your art. we need each other to be in this life with us. we need more art in teaching. more art in friendship. more art in the mundane. in the way we treat one another. we need more art from ourselves.  we need more fearless and authentic offerings of "I'm just like you". 

because, that's the truth. you and I? me and them? us? 

we need each other. we are more alike than we know. we all have dark corners and expectations and questions. 

lets open up and create art... in a million ways big or small. 



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