on lettering good vibes.


A few weeks ago, I was having a hard morning. I woke up with a bad dream still lingering around me, and I just couldn’t shake how I felt in my dream. I felt used. And like I really didn’t matter. As I sat at my desk that morning, planning an Instagram post, I found that I was trying so hard to force something happy and light hearted out of me because I was convinced that my readers would much rather see “good vibes only” on their feed today than some deeply personal feelings of insecurity I was currently feeling. No good vibes there.

I created a few decent versions of “good vibes only”. They were definitely insta worthy. And I knew that I would get a generally “cool!” response. It wasn’t risky. I wouldn’t lose any readers. A nice safe bet.

But I couldn’t do it. I am naturally a person who is an open book, but when you start to think about 15 thousand people who are going to have the opportunity to SEE me, the real me, it is scary for anyone.

Before I posted my planned out good vibes only piece... I quickly sketched out the words “you matter” on the inside of a card. And then I knew. THIS is what I needed to say. I needed to tell myself, and whoever else showed up to receive that day, that we mattered. WE MATTER! I looked at the messy, unplanned, simple lettering and words, and I made the scary choice to post it instead. With a simple caption of something like- this inspired me. Because I often carry around the words “I don’t matter” around with me, and it wrecks my life.”

And guess what? It resonated with people. They got that. They do the same thing. And together we gave virtual hugs and stood a little straighter, because, YES. We matter.

That is artistic authenticity. That is digging deep. Uncovering courage. And releasing art. If I can do it, so can you. You are an artist. There is art already inside of you.
It’s your turn to uncover it. 


this eCourse felt like a confession box for me. I cracked open my heart and spilled the "thing" that has transformed my lettering from the inside out. lettering INSPIRED. :) 

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